Approved Authorized Treatment facility License WEE/WJ0006ZT/ATF

Approved Exporter License WEE/EJ0006ZT/EXP

ISO Accredited Company – ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001 and BS EN15713

Waste Carrier and Broker License: CB/DU88628
T11 Exemption: EXP/QP3446YY

PAT Testing

Details below of BSX LTD process for Data Security and also Secure Destruction of Confidential materials.
All done to ISO27001 and BS EN15713 Standards.

Data Security on Hard Drives

BSX LTD provides full Data Security on all Hard Drives we Dismantle from Computers, Gaming Consoles, Laptops, Set top Boxes, DVR and PVR systems.

A Certificate of Media Sanitation can be given upon Request.

Details below of the HD testing Machines we use to wipe our Hard drives. They consist of the Ultra Erase UT40 Disk Drive Machine and the Atola Disk Recycler Rack.



The Ultra Erase UT40 and the Atola Disk Recycler Machines each consist of 40 independently controlled test ports, the Ultra Erase UT40 is a CESG compliant Hardware based multi drive erasure system, controlled by a host PC which indicates on the LCD screen how each port is testing and whether it passes or fails, all passed Hard drives get packed and re sold, any failed Hard drives go through our on site shredder below, We Guarantee 100% of all Hard drive received will be tested, wiped and repaired were possible and we will give you a Certificate of Sanitation, any Hard drives that fail due to Mechanical issues will be shredded on site by our own shredder below and then Recycled.
BSX can also on site wipe any encrypted password protected HD.




Atola Disk RecyclerThe Testing Machines can Test/Wipe/Repair the following:· PATA/IDE/SATA I/II· SCSI 2TB/1TB/500gb/320gb/250gb/160gb/80gb (68/80/50 Pin) for 2.5″ and 3.5″ Hard Drives. The Host Interface Software· US DoD/InfoSec Erase· Repair Bad Sectors Using unique software algorithms, working with the drive’s firmware.· Test Media Integrity (unique software routines will automatically grade the drives A, B or C grade enabling resale into different markets)· Test Seek/Servo functionality· S.M.A.R.T verification· Burn In Test· Software Duplication· Custom Test Scripts· Integration with Back End Database Systems. All this is done to a High Quality standard. The Machine will generate a success repair, test and pass rate of around 95% if the Hard drives do not have mechanical issues.

BSX Ltd can also wipe any encrypted password HD so if you have any of these HD then Please contact us for a price.


When the drive has finished there is a log created on the host PC (a *.CSV file) and a Green LED indicates for Pass and a Red for fail on the Test unit.

Typical Test/Repair throughput

160GB SATA 7200RPM…………………….1. HRS

320GB SATA 7200RPM……………………..2.HRS

500GB SATA 7200RPM……………………..3 HRS
1TB SATA 7200RPM…………..5 HRS


If you have any Hard Drives you wish for us to Test and Wipe for you then please contact us now for pricing.


Secure Destruction of Confidential Materials



MS-03 E-WASTE SHREDDER – The Shredder will shred most Electronic Products such as Computers, IC and Passive Components, Mobile Phones, Hard Drives, Cdroms, Dvd’s, Disks, Keyboards, USB’s, Gaming Equipment, Games, Motherboards, Steel, Power Supply, Set Top Boxes, PVR Boxes, Modems, Routers, Hubs, Laptops, Tape Drives and many more WEEE products. If you have any of these products that you need to be destroyed then please contact us. We are extremely competitive on pricing.





Click on the Video clips below to see a demonstration of the shredding process from when the Hard drive enters the shredder and how it comes out.






If you want your goods to be dealt with to the Environment Agency Standards and to a BS EN15713 Secure and Confidential Standard then please contact us now.


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